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New Zealand is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to earn a highly valued, internationally recognised tertiary qualification. You can study everything from short trade courses to specialised, high-powered, research based doctoral study. New Zealand has three for higher education system - Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) , and Private training establishments (private education providers). New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) provides accreditations to these private institutions for issuing degrees and diplomas. New Zealand offers options for both undergraduate and post graduate programs. A student can choose from a degree or diploma based on their qualification and interest. Both of them are recognized for jobs within New Zealand and immigration purposes. The courses in New Zealand are relatively affordable as Tuition fee and Living costs are lower in comparison to other English speaking countries.

Course approva
l confirms that a course is based on clear and consistent aims, content, outcomes and assessment practices, which meet the necessary criteria and requirements. Course accreditation confirms that a provider is deemed capable of delivering an approved course. A provider may seek accreditation to deliver their own or another organisation's approved course. All quality assurance bodies in New Zealand use the same criteria for course approval and accreditation.

Academic Session
Main Intakes – February and September
Other Intakes – May, July, November