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Dreamland conducts a Pre-departure Briefing for students for Visa Approval from the concerned country. The briefing covers topics ranging from academic life, accommodation, cost of living and many more that aim to help incoming international students Creating Confidence advises students on the precautions they should take to keep safe and avoid being a victim of crime. Keeping Healthy tells about the structure of the Health System of the country, what to do if a student feels unwell, and a student’s entitlement to National Health Service care. In addition, we provide guidelines and help to proceed documents of applicants’ dependants preferring to stay with them together or applicants’ parents desiring to participate in their sons’/ daughters’ convocation program. We often visit colleges or universities where our students are recruited. We attempt to know their satisfaction studying there. Finding pros and cons,
we recommend the schools to make a conducive decision for the solution. In short, we never forget our out-country services for any Nepalese students studying abroad